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CyByte Data

With the proper data solution when your upstream business systems or rules change your data structure can ideally accommodate the change so you can easily:

  • Allow for new data sources to be added without impacting the existing design.
  • Adapt to a changing business environment.
  • Support expanding data scale.
  • Simplify design complexities.
  • Increase usability by business users.

Data alone does not help you. We provide the bridge between the business and social intelligence you collect and your ability to compile actionable insights. Our tools let you analyze your data through user-friendly dashboards for agile reporting, operational BI, performance management, and competitive and customer intelligence.

Traditionally, BI approaches separate transactional and analytical data creating rigid infrastructures that make accessing dynamic data across the enterprise, the web and unstructured sources difficult.

Our expert Data Architects, Designers and Developers build solutions, lead projects and support data integration and integrity for modern business intelligence and analytics. Our focus:

  • Analyze business drivers and IT strategy to create current and future state documentation of data architecture, focusing on data modeling and integration, including data definition, data standardization, data mastering and data governance.
  • Create and review conceptual, logical, and/or physical data models, incorporating Hadoop / NoSQL, 3NF, star schema, data vault and cube approaches as appropriate.
  • Provide technology direction and leadership to proactively upgrade and align solutions with evolving technologies and business needs, including implementation strategies, focusing on solution optimization and stability.
  • Design and govern the implementation of data modeling and Architecture based on business requirements and IT strategies.
  • Define the principles to guide solution decisions for the programs / projects leveraging architecture artifacts and industry best practices.
  • Manage the work of and provide leadership to application staff to support the planning, design / build, test, implementation, support and operational needs of the organization, including project management, resource planning, assessment of integration and interface needs, support and maintenance.
  • Identify, implement an evolve source code and change / release management methodologies and other SDLC processes and provide tools to operationalize them.
  • Lead continual improvement best practices by identifying and diagnosing improvement opportunities. Suggest improvements to solution architects and supervisors.
  • Promote, develop and adhere to system standards, and best practices. Collaborate with team to promote re-use and develop consistent technical build, implementation and support processes.
  • Provide proofs of concepts for new technology, processes and workflows. 
  • Implement solutions according to requirements, specifications and industry standards.

CyByte Healthcare

Healthcare operations need to integrate data across a variety of systems and make it available when and where it’s needed to reduce costs and meet quality improvement goals. Plus, with the latest healthcare reforms, metrics are key to measuring quality and being listed as an ACO.

CyByte's team of Health IT professionals and our partnerships with industry leading product vendors enable us to provide comprehensive services including but not limited to integrating Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems and Health Information Exchanges (HIE). We can help integrate your data silos to increase efficiency, boost reimbursement and improve patient satisfaction through:

  • Healthcare Cloud Integration.
  • Data aggregation & migration strategies.
  • ACO Enablement.
  • Infrastructure assessment.
  • ICD 10 Migration.
  • Implementation road maps.
  • EHR integration including HL7 interface design, development and customization.
  • Tools development and customization/configuration.
  • Product development.
  • QA / testing.
  • Product maintenance and support.
  • IT infrastructure & hosting.
  • HIE integration.

CyByte Digital

The synergy created by social, mobile, analytics and cloud working together creates your competitive advantage. CyByte Digital helps you leverage SMAC to improve your operations and get closer to your customer with minimal overhead and maximum reach.

We enable you to create new opportunities based on customer-generated data from the proliferation of mobile devices, sensors, social media, loyalty cards, and web browsing.

CyByte Digital helps you launch new business models, products and services, enhance your customer experience to improve customer loyalty and revenues, transform business processes to reduce costs, improve productivity, differentiate offerings, obtain insights from analytics to make better decisions, improve efficiencies and gain competitive advantage.

To help you grow your business, CyByte provides the development, integration, and the tools to automate the processes.

  • See trends, gain new insight and improve forecasting.
  • Integrate your social and enterprise data for unprecedented insight.
  • Change the conversation around your brand and give customers what they want.
  • Improve customer engagement and support at multiple levels.
  • Build loyalty, revenue and reputation across multichannel engagement.

CyByte Connect

How well companies big and small connect the explosion of apps, data and devices will define their success in this connected era. 

Employees today use an average of 10+ cloud applications in their job as well as a mix of legacy software, data sources, mobile platforms, social networks and physical devices each with its own data characteristics, policies, rules and regulations.

The need for hybrid connection is now no longer optional for most companies. CyByte Connect helps you achieve key outcomes by making hybrid connection work:

  • Drive Growth by connecting cloud & on-premise applications and data. Use vendor-provided and community-designed connectors to bring together all your applications and data. Enable accurate analytics and predictable forecasting and fuel growth by identifying new opportunities, markets, customers and products.
  • Streamline Business Processes through Automation. Increase team efficiency by slashing time wasted on manual operations, boosting employee performance and motivation. Automate cleansing standardization and enrichment while helping data flow faster through the company making it actionable sooner.
  • Boost Security, Governance and Quality for richer and more actionable data. Leverage modern data connection to enforce proper standards, data formats, and security protocols. Leaps in data quality can also be achieved by eliminating manual errors and identifying inconsistencies, duplication and junk data.
  • The benefits and the issues of hybrid integration are exponential. If you try to do it the old way, your headaches and risks are a square of the endpoints. With the proliferation of data sources and cloud and systems, those end points are multiplying rapidly. So how do you manage this mess? You can connect two systems using custom code, but when you’re connecting 14 points, you are looking at a square of that a very large number. All of a sudden, you’re writing an integration platform by mistake, and you shouldn’t be. This is when the need for a hybrid connection solution goes from “nice to have” to “must-have,” and this is where we're seeing heavy growth from companies big and small.
  • Re-think legacy approaches to data and application integration with modern, secure and flexible solutions.
  • Lower costs and speed outcomes with easy-to-use components to securely cleanse, connect and use data and applications.
  • Accelerate the effectiveness and adoption of on-premise and cloud applications now and in the future.

CyByte Product Engineering

We help you build great products and go live faster by delivering the new features, scalability, flexibility and robustness that your customer expects, and optimize your total cost of ownership and risk level.

Our broad technology expertise, coupled with well-established development and delivery processes, ensures that the quality of the software products we deliver. The reusable frameworks we employ ensure projects run smoothly. We help you at every stage of the product lifecycle, including:

  • Product concept, business cases and product release planning.
  • Business requirements analysis. 
  • Business and technical specification. 
  • Product release development.
  • Entire testing spectrum (functional, module, integration, regression, load, performance).

CyByte Team Extend

With our dedicated resource model, you can have an expert team assembled from across our Solutions Areas up and running per your initiative requirements. CyByte Team Extend acts as an extension of your internal team, to facilitate continuous delivery and ensure your projects runs smoothly.

You get high scalability, high control, and low cost, by building  a team based on your exact experience, technical expertise, soft skill and SDLC preferences.

Delivery  models
Onsite - from your location.
Offsite  - from our US location.
Offshore - from our Hyderabad, India location.
Hybrid - per your requirements.

Engagement models
Managed services.
Fixed bid.
Time and materials.
Corp to Corp.

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